eduser - Edit a user’s account


eduser [ name ]


Eduser allows you to change the account information for users on the system, such as names, addresses, and phone numbers. In addition, you may adjust the amount of time allotted for usage each month, the rate per minute at which the user is charged for access, and the number of inactive days allowed before the account expires.

The user editor is very simple to use in that it takes advantage of special terminal functions, such as cursor addressing and other features provided by the terminal installed.

To start eduser you can give it a name to bring up for editing (the default is the first user listed on the system alphabetically). Eduser will read the password file into memory and then display a form on the screen, filling it in with the specified user information.

At the bottom of the screen, before the cursor, the number of accounts is shown between square brackets (e.g., [128]). Commands at this point are:


Display information for the next user in the database.


Backup and display information for the previous user.


Search the database for a user name. (The login name, not the user’s full name).


Enter the edit mode to make changes for the current user on the screen.


Send a copy of the user’s name, address, and phone number to the attached printer device in slot 1. (Don’t use this if you don’t have a printer!)


Quit eduser and return to the shell.

While in Edit mode, any character you type will be inserted at the cursor’s position, as long as the field not already filled with the maximum characters allowed. The following editing keys can be used:


Move down to the next field.


Move down to the next field.


Move up to the previous field.


Move left one character.


Move right one character.


Go to the start of the field.


Go to the end of the field.


Erase the character to the left of the cursor.


Gobble up the character under the cursor.

Any time you move above the first field, or below the last field, you’ll leave Edit mode and return to the main prompt. If any changes were made, they are written to the database at this point for the specified user.

If any changes were made to the “Full name” field for any of the users, the password file will be updated when you quit eduser.

If a user is allotted zero minutes of usage per month, the system will regard this as an infinite amount — meaning, the user has no time limit imposed. Likewise, if the inactive days are set to zero, the user’s account will never be removed due to any length of inactivity.


Any accounts which have User-ID’s of 0 will bring up record 0 of the account database. This record should not be messed with. Leave it alone.

Only root-level users can run eduser.


“inadequate terminal”, the terminal does not have functions required for use with eduser.


account database,
password file.

See Also

adduser(ADM), rmuser(ADM)