rmtopic - Remove a conference topic


rmtopic [ conf/topic ]


Rmtopic is a simple way to remove topics from conferences in the Conference System. It can be invoked as an interactive program, or as a command with arguments

To invoke rmtopic as an interactive program simply type rmtopic with no arguments. You will be prompted with a list of the current conferences and asked which conference you wish to remove a topic from. If there is only one topic in the conference, rmtopic will print an error message and end otherwise you will be shown a list of the current topics and prompted for the name of the topic to remove. Rmtopic will then delete the topic. In this mode, rmtopic can be aborted by simply pressing RETURN at any prompt or by pressing your cancel key.

If a conf/topic argument is supplied, it must be in the correct form — the name of the conference, a slash (‘/’) and the name of the topic. For example, if you wanted to remove the topic “stuff” from the “chatter” conference the argument would be “chatter/stuff”.

In all cases, rmtopic will not attempt to remove a topic if it does not exist. Rmtopic will not remove the last topic in a conference, instead you will be prompted to use rmconf. Also, rmtopic will abort with an error message if the conference specified does not exist.


In some cases, adding and/or removing topics can mess up the user’s last read message pointers.

See Also

cs(C), cs.maint(ADM), csmod(C)


Daniel Davidson. Bugs or suggestions should be sent to danield@pro-grouch.