unmount - Unmount disk devices


unmount device


Unmount removes the selected disk devices from the operating system’s active device list. This has the effect of making a volume temporarily disappear.

A device argument consists of a slot and drive specifier (e.g. 5.1 or 5,1 for slot 5, drive 1), or the name of the volume to unmount. If only a slot is given, unmount attempts to unmount the devices in both drives for that slot.


unmount /foo /bar

Unmounts the volumes /foo and /bar.

unmount 3.2 /ram5 6

Unmounts the volumes in slot 3, drive 2, /ram5, and both volumes in slot 6.

Unmount maintains information for each unmounted volume in a resource file. This information is used by mount in order to put unmounted volumes back online.


“volume not online” — the volume specified is not presently online.

“cannot unmount active device” — devices in use by the ProLine filesystem may not be unmounted.

“no volume mounted on device” — no volume exists on the specified device.


mount resource file.

See Also

df(C), mount(ADM)