mcinews - Poll MCI Mail for business news headlines


mcinews [ -d ]


Without arguments, mcinews displays two business and financial news headlines which are updated every four hours by the MCI Mail information service.

With the -d argument, mcinews reads the resource file $/etc/rsrc/mcinews.rsrc for information on how to dial MCI Mail, login, and download the daily business news headlines.

The resource file contains four lines of information:

1-800-555-1212 mdavis//arglebop 2400 mdavis pub/local/mcinews

These lines correspond to:


The phone number to the MCI Mail service.

Acct Info

Login name and password (separated by "//")


The baud rate at which the connection should be made.

Local Acct

Login name of the user on ProLine who owns that MCI Mail account (a future version of mcinews may be able to capture that person’s mail on MCI and forward it to the appropriate ProLine mailbox).


Pathname to the file that contains the headlines. If it doesn’t start with a slash (/), the ProLine system prefix is assumed.


resource file.