ps - Report process status


ps [ -defhmu ] [ -j id ] [ -k id ] [ -l module ]


Ps reports system module and active user processes. Without options, the -u flag is assumed.

Options are:

-d | -h

Select module information display format: decimal (-d) or hexadecimal (-h).


Show everything. A list of user (-u) processes and system modules (-m) are both shown.


Full information. Lists are displayed with as much information as possible. With this option, full pathnames are displayed with -u.


Show modules. Each entry gives a module’s index and ID number, size, address in memory, modification date, name and version number.


Show user processes. (default)

-j id

Show information for one module where id is either its index or ID (in decimal).

-k id

Kill a module where id is either its index or ID (in decimal). See Warning. Super user only.

-l module

Load module by name. If the module name contains no slashes, it is assumed to reside in $/sys/modules. Super user only.


Killing system-dependent modules can have unfortunate results. Loading modules indiscriminately can cause serious memory errors.



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