sm - Send modem command


sm [ options ] [ command ]


Sm sends a modem command to the external modem attached to the computer. This is handy for putting the modem into certain states, or temporarily adjusting the modem’s characteristics beyond those installed during system initialization.

Sm recognizes the following options:


Hangup. Tells the modem to disconnect.


Pickup. The modem is instructed to lift the phone off-hook, making it appear to be busy.


Reset. This initializes the modem.

-s mode

Special. This activates system-specific features of the modem based on a mode value. Current modes are:

3 = Turn off the modem’s speaker completely
4 = Speaker is on until a connection is made
5 = Speaker is on all the time
6 = Resets the modem (same as the -r option)
7 = Force serial port to always report carrier
8 = Serial port reports the actual carrier signal
9 = DTR line signal is lowered
10 = DTR line signal is raised

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