unpar - ProLine archive unpacker


unpar [ options ] file


Unpar unpacks the contents of a ProLine archive (par) file. For example:

unpar update.par

unpacks the contents of the file “update.par” into the current working directory. Multiple par files can be unpacked by specifying them on the command line.



Causes any directories created to be set to the current working directory’s permissions. This is always the case for non-super users. Without the -d option, directories created under super user access are set to the permissions stored in the archive’s entry.


Lists the contents of the archive. Nothing is extracted.


Replaces existing files without warning.

If a file being unpacked already exists and the -r flag is not given, you are prompted to replace the existing file. Press Y to replace it, or N to skip it. Pressing R replaces the existing file and turns on the -r flag for you, causing subsequent collisions to be replaced automatically. Press Q to stop immediately and quit.


Unpar can unpack any file in the Binary II format.

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