version - Report version information on programs


version [ -hi ] [ path… ]


Version generates a report of program version information. The report includes the official name of the program, version number, modification date, and author’s name.

If path references a file, version generates a report for that file. If path references a directory, a report is produced for all the files in that directory level. A typically useful invocation is

version $path

which generates a report for all programs found in the executable search path.

Version information is obtained in the first 255 bytes between “@(#)” markers. Therefore, entries are reported only for files that contain a version identification string within the first 255 bytes of the program or shell script.

Normally, version ignores files that do not include an indentification mark. Including the -i options instructs version to indicate files lacking version information.

The -h option disables printing of the report header.

Report output can be redirected into files by including >file at the end of the command line.

Without arguments, version displays the ProLine software version information.

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