manps - Prints PostScript-formatted pages in the manual


manps [ options ] [ section ] title


Manps locates and generates pages for the named title from the designated section in the ProLine Reference Manual. The output is in the PostScript language format, and can be downloaded to any PostScript-compatible device (i.e. a laser printer or typesetting machine).

Since commands are given in lowercase, the title is always entered in lowercase. Section names are always uppercase. If no section is specified, the whole manual is searched for a matching title, and the first occurence found is printed. You can search through a group of sections by separating the section names with colons (:) on the command line.

Manps can generate pages for all entries of a given section by using an asterisk (*) as the title. A section argument must be given.


The following options are recognized by manps:


“All” mode. Generates output for matching titles found in all sections in the search list.


Generates a cover page.


Even-up entry. An even page is generated for an entry consisting of an odd number of pages. The final page is blank, except for a header and footer. Use this option when generating manuals for two-sided printing where each entry will stand alone.


Even-up section. An even page is generated after printing an odd number of pages in one or more entries (e.g. an entire section). Use this when printing without the -e option.

-l rows

Sets the maximum page length in rows.


Progress mode. Prints the pathname of each title being processed.

-t title

Assigns a title to both the header and cover page (e.g. -t "Local Commands"). This is mostly useful when printing an entire section.

-w cols

Sets the maximum page width in columns.

File Redirection

Manps supports output redirection. To redirect manual output to a file, use >filename as the last argument. The output file can then be downloaded to a PostScript-compatible device.


The PostScript output definitions are defined in $/etc/psprep. The default settings were chosen for maximum compatibility with most laser printers.

The default fonts used are Times Roman (12 pt.) for the standard text face, Courier (10 pt.) for monospaced displays, Helvetica (13 pt.) for subheadings and paragraph titles, and Helvetica (14 pt.) for headers and footers.


PostScript prep file,
directory of manual sections and titles.

See Also

man(CT), manuals(F)