af - Add a fortune to the fortunes file


af [ -o ]


Af, a shell script, adds a fortune to the end of a fortune data base. The -o flag causes af to use the optional fortune database, one traditionally containing offensive fortunes.

Af asks you to enter the entire fortune, and then press RETURN. If the fortune is longer than the display width, fortune correctly wraps it at word breaks when displayed.

Af allows control characters to be included by using the caret (^) notation. However, Control-M (RETURN), must never be used. If a newline is desired in the middle of a fortune, Control-N (^N) will be recognized as such by the fortune program.

If a non-root user submits a fortune with af, it is not actually appended to the database, but rather is sent to the system administrator through the mail system for review. The administrator may decide whether to add it manually.


standard fortune database,
alternate fortune database.

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