bank - Simulated banking system


bank [ options ]


In games where money is the reward, it is desirable to maintain a balance of cash between various games and be able to utilize your earnings. The ProLine Users Bank provides this service, and helps regulate a simulated economy inside this system.

Your bank account allows you to make cash deposits and withdrawals with your savings account, which can earn interest. It keeps track of how much money you are carrying with you (cash-on-hand). You can transfer funds to another user on the system. You can take out loans and pay them back as you earn money by playing (and winning) games. There are no service charges or maintenance fees.

Your account is created automatically (with a gift balance) the first time you invoke it. For more details about using the bank interactively, issue its built-in <H>elp command.


-a n

Add cash. This option adds cash (value n) to the current user’s cash on hand. The current user defaults to the person issuing this command. (See -u or -g for setting the current user to a particular account).

-c n

Change cash. This sets the cash on hand to the specified value n for the current user.

-g game

Set game user. This sets the current bank account to the one owned by the specified game. Games like blackjack can maintain bank accounts just as users do.


Interactive. Normally, when invoking bank without arguments, the user enters an interactive mode. When options are used, the functions they perform are completed and the user returns to the shell. This option is used in conjunction with other options to send the user into interactive mode. Typically, this is used after setting the current user with -u or -g to work with their account interactively.

-s n

Subtract cash. This subtracts from cash on hand the specified value n for the current user.


Quiet. Some options, such as setting the current user, issue feedback. This option disables such feedback.

-u user

Set user. Sets the current account to the one owned by user.


Net worth report. Quick and easy way to find out what you’re worth.

Of all these options, only -w can be used by non-Super Users.

Setting Up Accounts

As stated, user accounts are created automatically when users enter the bank. Accounts for games, like blackjack, need to be created so that the game (casino) has cash with which to work. This is usually done like so:

bank -g blackjack -c 50000

This sets the current account to the blackjack game (hence -g option as opposed to -u), then assigns $50,000 cash to the account. Game accounts, like the users who play the games, operate out of their pool of cash on hand.


The order of options is generally significant. That is, changes invoked by options occur in the order in which they’re presented. Thus, the following reversal of options can have undesirable affects:

bank -s 100.25 -u melvin

This subtracts $100.25 from the current account (yours!), then sets the current user to “melvin”. This was probably not intended. Consider this:

bank -w -u melvin -w

This reports your net worth, sets the user to “melvin” and then reports his net worth.


online help file,
user’s bank account file,
game bank account files.


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