today - Events on this day throughout history


today [ -s ]


Today prints famous birthdays and historical events for the current date in history. Using the optional -s flag (suspend redundancy) causes today to print the historical data for you only once per day.

Adding New Dates

You can add your own dates to the database by editing the files in $/games/lib/today. Here’s an example for September, found in the file $/games/lib/today/sep:

B09011875 Edgar Rice Burroughs, novelist, Ah-ee-ah-ee-ah! B09021838 Queen Liliuokalani (last queen of Hawaii). B09021952 Jimmy Connors, tennis brat S09011939 Germany invades Poland, starts World War II. S09011952 Sutro Baths purchased by George Whitney. S0901 2Labor Day, a legal holiday S09021620 The Mayflower sets sail from Plymouth with S09021620C102 Pilgrims.


Column 1

The record type which can be a B for birthdays or S for special dates in history.

Cols 2-5

Month and day as MMDD with leading zeros.

Cols 6-9

The full year of the event as four digits. If left blank, the current year is used.

Column 10

A special processing flag. Values may be:

BLANK for no special processing.

C to continue a message from the previous line. Note that you MUST repeat the date fields.

DAY-OF-WEEK digit where 1=Sunday … 7=Saturday. This will cause the message to display only if the date falls on a certain day of the week.

Cols 11-70

The message to display for this date.


databases for each month of the year.


The ProLine version was written by Jeff Jungblut ( The original database is from a similar public domain program for the IBM PC called TODAY/PC.