netauth - Authorize network mail access


netauth [ options ] [ user … ]


Netauth is an administrator’s tool that manages network mail access. Network access is determined by the existence of a special file in each user’s $/adm directory, called “mailstop”. If mailstop exists, the user is denied network mail sending privileges. This tool simplifies and automates many tasks related to managing network mail access.

The administrator uses netauth to grant or deny network mail access for one or more local accounts. It can be used to automatically grant network access after a probationary period. Furthermore, netauth can report network access for any or all accounts.

Netauth takes the following options:


Reports net access status for all users.


All about netauth.


Reports net access status for the given user.

-a user

Allows net access for the given user.

-r user

Removes net access for the given user.

-t user

Same as -r, except allows auto-aging.

-d [n]

Grants network access by deleting all mailstop files older than 30 days (the default), or older than n days if a numeric argument is given.

Since netauth is most often used from a cron process, it generates and mails a log of its activity to the root account.

See Also

adduser(ADM), mail(C)


Daniel Davidson (danield@pro-grouch).