rmnull - Remove null files


rmnull [ -a ] [ site… ]


Rmnull provides the system administrator with an efficient way to remove null files that have been created with mknull. For specific information about null files, see mknull.

When invoked with the -a argument, rmnull searches through all connecting site subdirectories in the $/mdss subdirectory, looking for files named “a0”. When such a file is found, it examines the mail header of the file to determine whether or not it was created by the mknull command. If so, rmnull deletes it. If an actual letter file was renamed to a0 by mknull, rmnull renames the file to its original name.

rmnull may also be called to work on specific connecting sites, rather than all of them, by giving one or more site arguments. Example:

rmnull pro-sol pro-carolina

rmnull looks through the $/mdss/pro.sol and $/mdss/pro.carolina subdirectories only, removing any null files found there.


null files removed or renamed by rmnull.

See Also

mknull(NET), scan(NET)


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