maint - System maintenance


maint [ -r ]


Maint, a shell script that should be invoked as a daily cron task, performs many housekeeping functions. It generates a report of the tasks it completes and mails it to the administrator.

Maint reports on the following:

1. Users who recently called.
2. Newly added accounts.
3. Expired accounts.
4. File server activity.
5. Network mail traffic statistics.
6. Errors during network connections.
7. Errors during news processing.

If the -r flag is included, maint removes any accounts that have expired.

When done, maint chains to maint2 if it exists. Maint2 is the local maintenance script that performs host-specific tasks. These tasks can include the disposition of log files (e.g. rotating, printing, and/or removing them), and running mdssclean, synctime, or any other periodic maintenance utilities.


system log files.

See Also

cron(ADM), flip(ADM), rmuser(ADM)