flip - Flag inactive persons for removal


flip [ -a ] [ -d days ]


Flip (FLag Inactive Persons) scans through the entire user account database ($/etc/adm) looking for staff and guest accounts that have been inactive for more than their grace period. Any accounts found to be inactive beyond the grace period are written into a file named rmip in your $home directory. (If the grace period for an account is zero days, flip ignores the account).

The -a option causes flip to include accounting information in the report file, listing the user’s full name, address, and phone number.

The -d option overrides each user’s grace period with a set number of days applied to all accounts.

The report file that flip generates into $home/rmip contains lines showing the flagged user’s name, and how many days beyond the inactivity grace has lapsed.


jdoe # inactive 35 days (max=30) sjones # inactive 45 days (max=40) tch # never activated

The last entry indicates that the user’s account was created, but a login attempt was never made. This happens when a new user forgets his password before logging in for the first time.

The rmip file is formatted for use with rmuser.


If more than ten accounts are flagged for removal, the report file is placed in the operator’s directory with the name rmip.big. This is a safety feature in the event that the computer’s clock leaps ahead so far that many, if not all, accounts are flagged for deletion.

Flip does not remove accounts, it simply flags them for removal.


account database,
report of inactive persons.

See Also

eduser(ADM), maint(ADM), rmuser(ADM)