it - InteleTerm Pro terminal program


it [ name ]


InteleTerm Pro, it, is a full-featured terminal program for local console use. It contains many commands and features to simplify your online session. It also has the ability to run special scripts containing commands to automate a login procedure and other online tasks.

Invoking it brings up a help screen showing the commands you can enter. If you have a compiled script you wish to invoke, you can include its name as an argument to have it invoked upon startup. Example:

it bix

This would launch it, which would then attempt to run the “bix” script. (See the manual entry for itc, the InteleTerm Compiler, for more details on it scripts).

While offline, it displays a command prompt at the top of the screen. Simply enter one of the command letters to invoke a command. While online, you can invoke those same commands from terminal mode by holding down the Apple (or Command) key while pressing a command letter. You can return to terminal mode by pressing the Space Bar at the Command prompt.

You are free to leave it while online to use the shell. To return to your online session, simply invoke it with no arguments.

Learning to use it is best done by use.

See Also

itc(C), sm(C)