rot13 - Rot13 file conversion utility


rot13 [ -h ] infile [ outfile ]


Rot13 encodes (or decodes) a text file, rotating each alphabetical character in the file 13 places in the alphabet. Encoding a text file with rot13 prevents reading the text without the special effort required to decode it. For example, offensive jokes in the rec.humor.funny newsgroup are encoded using rot13.

Since the rot13 encoding is also self-decoding, a file encoded into rot13 format is decoded in the same manner. A second pass over the file decodes it.

The optional -h flag skips the header on the infile. This prevents rot13 from processing any initial header lines, up to the first blank line, processing only the body of a message. In other words, header lines are left “as-is”.

Rot13 prints its output to the screen, or to the file given as the outfile argument.


rot13 string.joke

processes the file “string.joke” with output appearing on the screen.

rot13 -h string.joke joke.rot

processes “string.joke” into the file “joke.rot”, leaving the header alone.

See Also

safecom(C), uudecode(C), uuencode(C)


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