safecom - File encryption utility


safecom mode infile code [ outfile ]


Safecom, designed to help maintain safe communications channels, allows you to encode and decode text files. Encoding and decoding is performed by means of a code key (password) of your own choice. You must remember the code to be able to work with encoded files.

The mode, either -e for encoding or -d for decoding, tells safecom how to process the infile based on the code given. All output is sent to your terminal unless you specify the optional outfile.


This program is an adaptation of the original SAFECOM by Bill Parker (“Hard Talk” columnist for “Softalk Magazine”, R.I.P.). It was rewritten to operate under the ProLine shell environment by Morgan Davis.

This program is slow. It can take quite a while to process a large file.

See Also

rot13(C), uuencode(C), uudecode(C)