rx - Receive files using XMODEM or YMODEM


rx [ options ] [ file… ]


Rx receives files using XMODEM or YMODEM transfer protocol.

If rx is used for receiving files with XMODEM, it invokes an XMODEM receive for each file given on the command line. Files are assigned the names given in the command line in the order in which they are received.

If YMODEM batch is used to receive files, the file argument(s) are optional. If given, however, the files received are assigned the names given on the command line, rather than those supplied by the sender.

A number of options control the transfer characteristics:


Binary II mode (Apple II). This causes rx to unwrap files in Binary II format. This restores directory information unique to the file, and required by the ProDOS operating system.


128-byte blocks with CRC-16.


Double delay tolerance. This effectively doubles the time that rx allows for responses over sluggish packet-switched networks.


Accept full pathnames from the sender — the prefix to the file plus the file’s name.


1K blocks with CRC-16.


4K blocks with CRC-16.


ProDOS mode (Apple II). Like the Binary II mode, this option employs an extension unique to some Apple II terminal programs to transfer file information. This scheme has been made obsolete by the Binary II standard, but is included for compatibility with older programs.


Replace existing files.


Text mode. This mode converts end of line characters (newlines) to be compatible with all operating systems. Include this option whenever text files are received to ensure proper newline conversion. Newline characters are Control-M in Apple II and Macintosh operating systems, Control-J in UNIX, and Control-M Control-J in MS-DOS.


Verbose 1K and 4K modes. When the -k or -l modes are used, -v causes them to initiate the transfer by sending “CK” or “CKL” to the sender. Normally, only ‘C’ is sent.


YMODEM batch mode receive with at least 1K blocks and CRC-16. YMODEM-g mode is not supported for receiving.

Without options, rx receives files in plain 128-byte XMODEM protocol using checksums for error correction.

See Also

rz(C), sx(C), sz(C)