rz - Receive files using ZMODEM


rz [ options ] [ file… ]


Rz receives files using the ZMODEM transfer protocol. The file argument(s) are optional. If given, however, the files received are assigned the names given on the command line, rather than those supplied by the sender.

A number of options control the transfer characteristics:


Double delay tolerance. This effectively doubles the time that rz allows for responses over sluggish packet-switched networks.


Accept full pathnames from the sender — the prefix to the file plus the file’s name.


Replace existing files.


Text mode. This mode converts end of line characters (newlines) to be compatible with all operating systems. Include this option whenever text files are received to ensure proper newline conversion. Newline characters are Control-M in Apple II and Macintosh operating systems, Control-J in UNIX, and Control-M Control-J in MS-DOS.

See Also

rx(C), sx(C), sz(C)