makebook - Create a file containing the entire manual


makebook bookfile [ -d ] [ options ]


Makebook, a shell script, builds a file containing the entire online manual for subsequent downloading and/or printing.

By default, bookfile is formatted for a PostScript printer (manps is used). Use the -d option to create a dot-matrix formatted book (man is used).

Makebook automatically requests progress (-p) reporting and assigns titles (-t) when generating output. Include options to pass additional options to man or manps.


Since the file created by makebook will be uncommonly large, this script is not accessible to non-root users by default. To curtail users from creating their own books, it is suggested that the administrator create a single bookfile and place it into a public area (e.g. $/pub) so users may download it and print it offline to their own printers.

See Also

man(CT), manps(CT)