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In Blackjack, the object of the game is to beat the dealer by holding a hand of cards that total more than the dealer’s without going over 21. The values of the cards are: Ace, 1 or 11, as the holder wishes; king, queen, jack, ten, 10 each; any other card, its number. An ace and face card or ten in the first two cards are called blackjack.


The shoe contains two regular decks of cards and is shuffled upon approaching the table. Before cards are dealt, the player places a bet ($5 or more but no more than $1000). The initial cards are dealt in this order: dealer-player-dealer-player. The first two cards are face down, and the remaining cards are always dealt face up.

Player Options:

After the initial deal, the player may choose the following:


to request an additional card.


to stop and play the hand being held.


to double the wager and take only one more card. This is allowed only when holding two cards, and is typically done when the player is confident that the next card will beat the dealer. Spli<T> to split a hand of two identical cards (except for aces). The player has a chance to play two separate hands and use the best one against the dealer.


The dealer turns up the face-down card and continues to draw cards as long as his total is 16 or less and must stand when his total reaches 17 or more.

Any time the bottom of the deck is reached, the dealer reshuffles without interrupting game play.


The winner is whoever stands with the highest total not over 21. In the case of a tie, no winner prevails and it is considered a stand-off. The loser pays the winner the amount of the wager, and in the case of the player (not the dealer), a bonus may be awarded as follows:

For blackjack, 1 1/2 times the amount of the bet.

For 21 or less in five cards, double; in six cards, triple.

For 21 composed of three sevens, triple; composed of 6-7-8, double.


Players who leave the game with more money than when they arrived are eligible for placement on the high score list. The listing shows the top ten players who have the largest winnings in a single session, and shows the number of hands won, tied, and lost.

Note: Earnings or losses are registered with the ProLine Users Bank and affect a player’s cash-on-hand.

Super-User Installation

Use the bank to create a bank account for the blackjack casino. It cannot be played until an account is created.

The amount assigned to the game should be fairly significant if a lot of gamblers are expected to do well at the tables, otherwise the blackjack account may go broke. It is fun to watch the game’s account balance to see if the house is winning over the players.

For a real thrill, have blackjack start out by securing a loan from the bank, instead of just assigning an arbitrary amount of cash. Then pay the bank back as the blackjack tables turn a profit. To do this, invoke bank as follows:

bank -g blackjack -i

This sets the current account to the blackjack game, then enters interactive mode where you can visit the loan department.


online help file,
high score history,
game bank account file.

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