arbitron, arbitron2 - Report weekly volume statistics on newsgroups


arbitron [-a] [-v]
arbitron2 [-a] [-v] infile outfile


Arbitron and arbitron2 together compile statistics on the number of messages posted weekly to all newsgroups listed in the file $/etc/newsys.

Arbitron is a shell script which lumps all of the data from the $/sys/logs/*/newslog files (where * represents a day of the week) into one large file. Arbitron then calls the program arbitron2, which compiles the data and mails a summary to the root user.

Results are sent by email to the root account. They are designed to be launched by the maint or maint2 script once per week. As an example, the line

if $time[0] = "Sun" then csh arbitron

could be placed near the end of maint2.

Normally, newsgroups are listed in the order in which they appear in $/etc/newsys. If the -a flag is used, they will be listed in alphabetical order. If the -v flag is used, they will be listed in order of volume (# of posts), with the most active groups listed last.


Arbitron assumes that newslogs are rotated on a weekly basis (as is done with the standard maint2 script). If a different method is used, the arbitron script must be modified.


Newslogs for the past seven days

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