postnews - Post newsgroups to local news areas




Postnews is invoked by rnews when there are newsgroup bundles queued in the $spool/news area. Bundles are posted into the local news areas (conference system topics). Since rnews calls postnews when there is work to do, there is no reason to invoke postnews from the shell or from a crontab entry.

Postnews delivers newsgroup bundles based on information in the $/etc/newsys file. (See the rnews manual for details on the newsys file format).

Postnews Resource File

The resource file for postnews, $/etc/rsrc/postnews.rsrc, contains a list of newsgroup field names to be retained in messages posted in the Conference System. A typical list of fields looks like this:

Newsgroups Summary Keywords Message-ID Followup-To References Sender Reply-To Distribution Organization Lines

To instruct postnews to leave out certain fields, edit the resource file and place a pound-sign (#) before each field to be ignored. The Date, From, and Subject fields are always included in CS messages, and therefore do not need to be in this list.


newsgroup distribution file,
resource file containing field list,
newsgroup bundles.

See Also

cs(C), cs.maint(C), ned(NET), rnews(NET), unbatch(NET)