unbatch - Convert rnews batches into newsgroup bundles




Unbatch sorts the $/sys/mail/rnews mailbox into files based on newsgroup names. For example, unbatch might search through the rnews mailbox for all comp.sys.mac.misc articles, and writes them into a designated bundle for that newsgroup. The newsgroup bundles are stored in the $spool/news directory for later processing by rnews.

Unbatch should be called regularly via a crontab entry in order to process any news that came in. After the rnews mailbox is split into bundles, unbatch invokes rnews to distribute the bundles locally and/or to offsite addresses.

See rnews for a description of the $/etc/newsys file and its format.


newsgroup distribution file,
spool area for newsgroup bundles,
rnews mailbox.

See Also

ned(NET), rnews(NET), postnews(NET)