uutraf - Network traffic report


uutraf [ options ] [ logfile ]


Uutraf analyzes mdss log files and provides a report on transfer statistics using a default sorting format or an optional user-specified sorting format.

By default, uutraf processes the current mdsslog file in the $spool/logs directory, unless an optional log file pathname is provided.

Traffic reports may be redirected into a file by adding, as the last argument on the command line, a ’>’ followed by the report file name.

Tracking Options


Track only poll entries.

This is useful to determine connection costs that you have initiated. Report entries are generated for each “carrier stamp” as given in the L.sys file.


Track only by speed (baud rates).

Sorting Options

Reports can be sorted in various ways expressed below (the tag options, r, x, and t, correspond to received, transmitted, and total respectively):


Sort by number of bytes.


Sort by characters per second (CPS) rate.


Sort by hours


Sort by number of files


Sort in ascending order, rather than descending.


uutraf -bt

Displays the total bytes transferred, in descending order for all active sites. This is the default reporting method.

uutraf -cx

Displays the connections with the highest characters transmitted per second rates, in descending order.

uutraf -hxa

Displays the connections by total hours of modem transmission time, in ascending order.


Uutraf works on mdss log files only. Other types of log files give it indigestion.


current mdss log file.

See Also

arbitron(NET), intro(NET), mdss(NET)