addtopic - Add a topic to the conference system


addtopic [ conf/topic ] [ -rs ] [ -p address ] [ -n newsgroup ]


Addtopic adds a topic to an existing conference. Up to six topics may be added to a conference. Addtopic can be used interactively or non-interactively as needed.

When invoked without arguments, addtopic prompts you to enter various information to create the new topic. It first asks you to select the conference, then asks for a name for the new topic. Topic names are legal file names: 15 characters or less, start with a letter, and include only letters, numbers and periods. Topics can be created with read-only access if desired.

A topic can also be assigned networking information. A networked topic is one in which posted articles are mailed to a recipient for further processing and/or distribution. Articles posted to a networked topic do not show up immediately. In addition to a mail address, a networked topic can also include the formal name of a newsgroup under which it is to be distributed. Finally, adduser allows you to specify if users’ signature files should be attached to articles posted in the topic.

To use addtopic in a non-interactive mode, include the following arguments (all but the first are optional):


Specifies the existing conference (conf) and the new topic to be created.

-p address

Assigns a posting address (thus defining a networked topic). This usually references the rnews address at a participating Unix site, or the address of a mail alias or moderator on another site.

-n newsgroup

Assigns a newsgroup name, required for topics that contain USENET news articles. The -p argument is required in order to direct posted articles to a USENET site’s rnews account, or the mail alias for a ProLine-originated newsgroup.


Enables read-only access.


Enables attachment of signature files to posted articles.


addtopic addtopic programming/basic addtopic proline/announce -r addtopic info/mailing -s -p info-moderator@site.domain addtopic org/mdg -p pro-org-mdg@pro-sol -n addtopic apple2/group -p -n comp.sys.apple2

See Also

addconf(ADM), cs(F), csmod(C), rmtopic(ADM)