calls - Report system usage


calls [ options ]


Calls displays useful statistics about the system. Depending on the options selected, a variety of reports can be generated.

Options are:

-f file

Process the syslog file specified by the file argument instead of $spool/logs/syslog.


User report. Provides information for all users that have called the system.


Statistics report. Shows statistical information such as idle time, percentage of calls based on baud rate, percentage of system uptime used by certain baud rates, etc.


Time report. Draws a bar chart for the current 24 hour period, showing the frequency of usage during each hour of the day.

If no report type is specified, calls displays all reports.


Output can be redirected to a file if >file is given as the final argument.

Calls cannot process syslog files that go into another year.


file containing daily login entries

See Also

log(C), uutraf(NET)