log - Display log files


log [ option ]


Log displays the various contents of the system’s log files. Log, without any options, displays actual logins only. Other events can be shown selectively by specifying the following options:


Show entire log, same as cat $spool/logs/syslog.


Lists all cron and kybd tasks that were issued.


Display log of guest callers only.


Display the mdss log, same as cat $spool/logs/mdsslog.


Lists only the major entries in the mdss log.


Prints only mdss POLL attempt entries.


Prints only MDSS login entries.


Lists the newsgroup processing log, same as cat $spool/logs/newslog.


Display the server’s log, same as cat $spool/logs/servlog.


Display the new user log, same as cat $spool/logs/adduser.log.


log -c

shows the log of cron events and local commands that have occurred.


new user log file,
mail delivery subsystem log file,
newsgroup log file,
file server log file,
system log file.


Because log is a shell script, multiple options cannot be selected.

See Also

calls(C), uutraf(NET)